Helping Small Companies Work with Big Corporations


You’re gaining momentum and your business is headed to the next level.
At some point you’re going to find yourself on the field with the big guys.



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You need someone who’s been on the other side. Someone looking out for you.

I’ll guide you through the smokescreen and
provide behind the scenes insight along the way.

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This can be a huge win for you, but working with a big company can be a journey all its own.

If your company is facing challenges working with big corporations,
call or email today. Let’s talk about your story!

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Hello! I’m Jeff Meister, the principal of MPACTgroup.
I am a consultant who coaches…

I work with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established small businesses to help grow their businesses and deliver a winning customer experience.

Business Development

The procurement process can be daunting. Building relationships with Primes or Integrators can be a “black box” for the uninitiated.

Supplier Management

Are you getting the most value from your suppliers? Leverage the use of outside resources so you can focus on your core business.


“The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away!” Don’t get pushed around by “standard” language… it is negotiable!

Business Management & Operations

Is the “day-to-day” bogging you down? Let’s put your operations on autopilot so you can focus on the success of your business.

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Know Your Customer
Build Relationships
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