They speak a different language. They flex their muscle. They like to call the shots and they don’t always play fair.

But “They” are not the enemy… They are your customer

The enemy is frustration, miscommunication, opposing objectives, cultural differences, and my favorite – “The Numbers!”

 …rolled-up into one ugly villain you must defeat before you even stand a chance at playing in this arena.

You need someone who’s been on the other side. Someone looking out for you.

Someone to guide you through the smokescreen and provide behind the scenes insight…

I’ve been there. I worked with those guys for years. I’ve seen hundreds absolutely nail it and grow exponentially.

But, I’ve seen hundreds unwittingly crushed in their footsteps.

I’m not kidding. I know what works and what doesn’t. Your company can crush it with just a little bit of guidance. I know. I’ve helped hundreds of people in your shoes. We can get this done. We can defeat the enemy so your business can grow.






Jeff Meister – Bio

I am a consultant who coaches. I’m devoted to helping small companies understand how big corporations are wired so they can earn more business and deliver a winning customer experience.

Throughout my corporate career I have coached hundreds of small companies through sourcing and supplier development programs. I helped them grow their businesses and guided them to be more effective from sales through delivery. I can do this for you too.

I sat at the B2B “pivot point” where the decisions were made that directly affected the livelihood of our small business partners. I helped them interact, build relationships, and earn our business.

While my career of 30 plus years is anchored in supply chain management, I extended my reach and expertise into procurement, business development, operations, project management, facilities, product development, staffing, contracts, and finance. My experience includes technology commercialization, expansions, information technology, government contracting, and start-up ventures in commercial, consumer and public markets.

I have worked in a wide variety of organizations and environments, developing a keen sense for how unique culture develops and comes to life within the company’s walls.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kansas State University with additional focus in behavioral science and economics. Find out more on LinkedIn

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