I take on select consulting projects with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established small companies to grow their businesses and deliver a winning customer experience.

I’ll make sure you understand how big companies tick, what opens doors and what gets them slammed in your face.

The enemy is frustration, miscommunication, opposing objectives, cultural differences, and my favorite – “The Numbers!” All rolled into one overwhelming villain you must defeat if you even want to stand a chance to play in this arena.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of. And you’re still missing opportunities. You’re still feeling pushed around and taken advantage of.  Let’s realign your approach and convert proposals into customers.

I’m not kidding. Your company can crush it with just a little bit of guidance. I know. I’ve helped hundreds of people in your shoes. We can get this done. We can defeat the enemy so your business can grow.


Do you have questions like…
  • • I gave them a quote, why do they keep asking for more?
  • • Why haven’t they paid me?
  • • What’s with all the forms?
  • • Is any of this negotiable?
  • • Am I signing my rights away?
I can help your company…
  • • Increase value from supplier and partner relationships
  • • Negotiate from a position of strength
  • • Reduce delays caused by contractual “logjams”
  • • Understand the “Language of The Prime”
The plan is always to align your strengths with a customer’s needs.


If your company is facing challenges working with big corporations,
call or email today. Let’s talk about your story!

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