Program X

How would you like to be part of something very special?

mpact_programxThroughout all the years I’ve spent working with small companies from inside big companies…

I’ve seen the same thing over and over again.

Some absolutely nailed it… some struggled… and some absolutely fell on their faces


Which one do you want to be?

Here’s the thing…

Big Corporations and Small Businesses may be polar opposites.

But, I believe we can break down some barriers

I’m looking for ten, maybe up to twenty, small businesses that want to become the ones who are nailing it when working with big corporations.

I want to share this unique insight with you.

This is not even the beta version. It’s the ALPHA version. We start at the drawing board, if you will.

As you read this, I’m not yet sure what this could become. However, it is absolutely essential that it meet your needs as a small business owner.

It can’t be some guy’s best guess. What good would that do?




What do you get?

  • • The chance to influence something new and unique
  • • Membership in an elite community of small businesses
  • • Custom made content that you will influence
  • • Insight and information tailored for real case studies… yours and others
  • • Special Founder’s Pricing for the life of the program


First off, I need to confirm what I think is a true need that small business owners can get real value from. Then, it needs to take shape in some useful format. Possibly though a –

  • • Membership site
  • • An online subscription to monthly or weekly content
  • • A “members only” forum
  • • An online self-study course

If I’ve tweaked your interest, click the red button. That will take you to a simple application. Look at it as a conversation starter…

If it’s a swing and a miss, no problem, check back… there will be more as this comes to be

If your company is facing challenges working with big corporations,
call or email today. Let’s talk about your story!

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